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Love Pleasure are a newly-launched online e-commerce site, who required a complex CMS website. We have built Love Pleasure, an Adult Toy Retailer, from scratch. From creating and designing their website, to developing their brand, and managing their social media. As an online retailer we had to make sure their website was easy to navigate and device responsive, so no matter how or where the customers were accessing the site, it would still look good and maintain its functionality. Once the website had been built, we then focused on building and developing the brand. As an Adult Retailer there are a lot of well-known competitors so it was important to get their brand name out there through Digital Marketing. We have worked hard to build a presence for the brand across Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Utilising all the different services, and features each platform offers. Check out the new website.
Love Pleasure

Love Pleasure

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